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8:44 am - 20/07/2014

- Music Video

photo(1)photo Recordning Music Video with friends!

9:00 am - 17/07/2014

- Last day

Jul 17 No. 1Jul 17 No. 2Foto: Kole LLeshaj, Outfit: Jeans, Shoes and Shirt Acne Studios, jacket Vintage.

Nu har jag varit hemma i Småland i några dagar, åker hem ikväll. Med mig har jag min Syster och hennes kille från USA, det kommer bli fest!!!


10:00 am - 16/07/2014

- Gipsy

arrihat4 hat3 arri arrihat5Foto taken by: Kole LLeshaj

Outfit: Shirt Acne Studios, Hat Vintage.

My sister brought me a hat from USA and Its amazing, love the Blue and Gold combination. Thank you my dear sister!


9:00 am - 15/07/2014

- Dance


8:21 pm - 14/07/2014

- Im home

Foto taken by: Kole LLeshaj. Outfit from: Sweater and Dress h&m, shoes Marc Jacobs

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